Five friends, who met through the U of T Masters Track Club joined together to begin the process of sponsoring a Syrian Refugee Family of five. The U of T Alumni in this founding group include U of T Hall of Fame Athlete Kate Cochrane-Brink, former Chief Economist of Ontario, Patrick Deutscher Ph.D. Economics and Annie Bunting Ph.D. in law, International Human Rights. Two others, Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi, a long-time distance runner and Duncan Greenshields a masters middle-distance athlete, formed the critical mass needed to focus the synergy of teammwork to the task of recruiting and organizing a sponsorship team for Lifeline Syria.

We have personal stories to tell of how our understanding of the importance of responding to this dire crisis has been deepened and why we are motivated to act. At essence our hearts and minds have been touched by the unthinkable hardships of Syrian refugees and gratitude for our good life here in Canada.

In addition to financial support, our team is committed to reaching out to our communities to be the extended family our new Syrian friends in Toronto. Your help is needed!


Dovercourt College Area Residents Association (DCARA)

Contact Coordinator Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi


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